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In June of 2010, the company Gerber started their first Gerber baby contest ever since 1928 where an unfinished charcoal drawing won and became the original Gerber baby. We’re not sure if Gerber at the time of starting this annual baby contest, realized that it was going be that successful and so popular. With over 217,000 baby photos entered in the contest, Gerber was motivated to launch a second “photo search” contest in 2011 and now, it has becomes an annual Gerber baby contest phenomenon.

Are you thinking about joining the hundreds of thousands of moms and dads that tried to take a crack at the biggest baby photo contest around today, hoping your baby could become the next Gerber baby?

And are you looking for the Gerber baby contest  or  Gerber baby modeling information? If you are then rest assured that you’re at the right place. We have been following this cute baby contest from the very beginning of it. You will be well informed as to; how to enter, when the contest starts, prizes, contest rules, even some advice and tips that could help you win.

cutest kid contest

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About the Gerber Baby Contest

There’s a few things that you need to know about this cutest baby contest ever. Even though it’s now an annual Gerber’s baby photo contest, but the dates had been inconsistent as to when it launches, the voting periods, the announcements of the Gerber baby contest winners, and even the prizes might changes (although not by much in the last few years). And not to mention, the name of the contest changes as well.

Here’s what we mean, take a look at the table below. We created this Gerber’s contest table/chart to give you a quick overview from 2010 to 2015 the changes that have occurred.

Gerber baby contest information table

By looking at the image above, do you notice the contest names and contest prize changes? And how about the dates that are fluctuating all the time?

It could be some marketing genius’s idea to keep everyone in suspense and be on a lookout each year for the big launch announcement. Anyways, you don’t have to be constantly searching for the Gerber baby contest announcements if you’re a subscriber to our newsletter. We email our subscribers any Gerber baby contest developments and announcements. Plus, you also get other useful tips and contest information as well.

Another thing that might be good for you to know about this famous baby contest is a few useful and often confusing terms. Some of these terms confuse us, our readers, subscribers, and we even think it confuses the Gerber people too. In this example we will use the 2015 contest to illustrate. Here are the terms:

  • Gerber baby contest 2015
  • Gerber spokesbaby 2016
  • Gerber baby 2016

The three terms above are simply referring to the same Gerber baby contest and the same grand prize winner of that contest even though you see the 2015 and 2016.


Are you lost? Well, we were for a very long time before finally understanding it as the Gerber Photo Search was beginning to become more of a mature annual baby photo contest.

The term “Gerber baby contest 2015” is actually referring to the actual contest held that year, but the company Gerber announced and crowned the winners in January of the next year, 2016. So the new Gerber contest grand prize winner became the Gerber spokesbaby of that year which in this case is 2016. “Gerber baby” is the term which people are used to calling the winner of the Gerber Photo Search contest. So that’s how you get “Gerber baby 2016”.

We hope that cleared things up for you.

Tips and Advice While You’re Waiting for the Next Gerber Baby Contest

Before we move on to the Gerber baby contest’s rules and some tips, we’d like to share with you 3 quick tips while you’re getting ready/preparing or waiting for when the Gerber baby contest starts. As you’re exploring this website, regardless if Gerber Photo Search launched or not yet, these tips for you are applicable to this or all future contests.

Getting alerts about the next Gerber baby contest, reminders when the voting period start, or even the announcements of the Gerber contest winners is easy. But if you don’t get the alerts you can really miss out.

Here’s how you can get alerts right into your email’s inbox. As soonest as we get any leaks or new updates, we will email you. That’s it! Our readers and subscribers will get all the latest information as it’s developing. Subscribe to our NEWSLETTER is simply and easy. Enter your email and click the sign up button.

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Getting familiar with any baby contest is always a good idea if you’re planning on joining one or even a few of them. It is especially true with the Gerber baby contest. As with any contest, there are rules and specific do’s and don’ts. Always do your best to understand them before submitting a photo. If you get it wrong then the picture you submitted can be disqualified.

For example; Gerber doesn’t let you submit a photograph that was taken by a paid photographer.

Always check with the Gerber baby contest official rules and guidelines. You can get familiar with this Baby Gerber contest thing real quickly just by you spending some time on our website, reading tips about it and even other baby photo contest tips as well. Remember to read the 3 simple tips for baby photo contest.

Recap; Get alerts from us. We’ll be sending you Gerber contest news into your inbox. Get familiar with “Photo Search” by exploring our website — Finally, it’s time for you and your baby to get some experience on your belts.

After step 1 and 2, you should be snapping pictures of your baby like there’s no tomorrow because you are ready and your child is so cute. All kids are cute but especially yours, at least to you that’s what you feel. Taking all these pictures means that you completed step 2, reading on all the photo tips for baby contests.

Finally, it’s time for you to get your feet wet by having some real practice.

If you’re reading this and the Gerber baby contest is running then you don’t really have the time to practice. But this can also apply to you because there’s always next year. Also, you still can implement other tips we provided and go submit your winning photo before Gerber photo submission period ends. Don’t rush. You do have until the deadline to submit your baby photo.

Once submitted, and you still have some awesome pictures leftover because Gerber only allows one photo. You can then do step 3 too. But submit a photo to Gerber first because that’s the biggest baby contest and you want to win that.

The actual excitement and real deal is not taking picture or photograph of your baby best angle. Not even the cutest baby photo means anything in a photo contest if it’s not submitted or entered for the opportunity to win.

Can you imagine seeing yourself make that first photo submission? Can you can feel your warm blood turned hot? While your heart pumping as hard as it can, you can hear it pounding for excitement of hope. “We are going to win”! You think to yourself while looking at your baby.

Yep, entering your baby in an actual real baby photo contest can be like that. It’s not just shooting and print or delete. It’s competition. It’s different. So find or pick a baby photo contest to enter today.

There are many photo contests available. There’s a few contests that we think would be worth your time. This one is our top pick. Learn more about the CuteKid contest. Contests at The Cute Kid are year round with winners every month. Parents of cute babies and cute kids all over the world are joining everyday and you can be apart of this excitement too.

cutest kid contest

While you’re waiting and not knowing when the Gerber baby contest will start, why not submit your baby photos to this cute kid contest and get some real practices and a chance to win $25,000. Also keeps in mind, the photos you have right now — may not qualify for Gerber baby photo search. You have only 30 days from the time you take the picture to the time you submit it. Anything more 30 days, Gerber will not accept and the photo will be disqualified.

A Quick Overview of the Gerber Baby Contest Rules

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Gerber changes a few things here and there each year. So do keep in mind as you’re reading this Gerber contest rules overview, you should use this as a guide considering the past few years of changes to the contest rules. This guide is based on what we know of previous contests and even the latest contest.

You can come back when we have the new Gerber contest rules. We can notify you if you’re a subscriber to our newsletter. You can also visit the latest Gerber baby contest rules. We do our best to get a copy of it each year and published for you. And we now keep it archived since 2014 for information purposes. Always check the latest contest rules.

Assuming this year Gerber’s baby contest will be the same as last year 2016.

Gerber baby contest general rules

  • What are the prizes for winning the Gerber baby contest?

    There one grand prize winner that will be awarded $50,000 cash. To help with taxes, Gerber also added another $15,540 that can be used for tax purposes. There’s more. You also get $1,500 for Gerber Childrenswear. That’s a total of $67,040. Don’t forget the opportunity to be featured on Gerber’s ads, magazines, TV, and more.

    Beside the one grand prize winner, there will be 6 milestone winners. Each milestone winner will be awarded $3,500 cash and $750 for Gerber Childrenswear. Total up to $4,250.

  • Do I have to use the winning of $50,000 for college?

    No, you may use your winning for any purposes you shall choose. As a matter of fact, with the $15,540 Gerber provides for your taxes you don’t even have to use it for tax. You can use it however you want. But we do think it’s wise to pay your taxes. Don’t spoil the fun by getting in trouble with the IRS.

  • What are the milestone categories and descriptions?

    There are 6 milestone categories; BIRTH+, SUPPORTED SITTER, SITTER, CRAWLER, TODDLER, and TODDLER 2+. And here are descriptions of each category.

    Gerber baby contest milestone categories

    • BIRTH+ — Your baby may still need head support, gaining some head control, and uses sucking pattern from bottle or breast.
    • SUPPORTED SITTER — Your supported sitter sits but with help or some kind of support. Child can be on tummy and have the strength to push up on her/his arms with straight elbows. He/She is able to move pureed food backward and forward inside their mouth with their tongue to swallow.
    • SITTER — Your sitter is now able to sit without any help or support, and is able to independently pick up and holding small objects with no problem. In hunger, the child reaches for food or a spoon. When feeding with a spoon the child must able to use their upper lip to help get food off the spoon.
    • CRAWLER — Your crawler now crawls clear, without stomach touching the floor; tries to stand by pulling his or her self up; and using fingers to self-feed with jaw mashing foods.
    • TODDLER — Your toddler is standing on their own and has also started to walk by themselves. They begin using their fingers easily to self-feed.  They are using spoons, forks, and are trying food with different textures.
    • PRESCHOOLER (TODDLER 2+) — With so much more strength, your toddler/preschooler is now able to run at ease and not fall; is much better at chewing foods and chews efficiently too; using fork and spoon are now mastered. Also at family meals, your toddler is now using a booster or child seat.
  • What is the age requirement?

    You can enter as long as your child is anywhere between 1 day old to 48 months old.

  • Are there any kind of photo requirements?

    Yes, there a few requirements that you should follow or your baby’s photograph will be disqualified.

    • You may not pay any professional photographer to take the photo that you’re going to submit. (If you want to submit a professional photo then try this contest, click here.)
    • You cannot group your pictures together in a collage, such as taking two pictures and putting them together to make one image.
    • Photo file formats that can be submitted are jpg, png, or bmp, and the file max size is 5MB.
    • Photo cannot be taken more than 30-days at the time of submission.
  • How do I enter the Gerber baby contest?

    The entry date is usually announced by Gerber, there is no set date and it has been changed in the past. Before, you would just upload your photo to Facebook but then a few years ago, that changed. Now you have to register with MyGerber and then visit their website for instructions to upload. Be patients. We’ll keep you up-to-date.

  • When does the baby Gerber contest begin?

    It usually announce some time in the fall and follow by a voting period. Then some time in January of the new year, Gerber announces the contest winners.

  • Can anyone enter the Gerber contest?

    No, only legal residents of the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and District of Columbia can enter. You must be at least 18 years of age (legal age of where you reside) and legal guardians or parents of the child in the photograph.

    If you’re an employee of Gerber then you’re not eligible. Also, your family is not eligible.

  • Can I vote for my baby to be the next Gerber baby?

    No, there’s a panel of judges that will pick out a grand prize winner. However, you may vote for the milestone categories and invite people you know to vote for your baby too.

  • How do I vote for the Gerber baby contest?

    You may vote for the milestone categories however, the voting period and how the voting process could change each year. We can provide that information only when Gerber has announced it.

These are general rules that we find helpful but the key is: these rules don’t change much they usually remain the same each year. Please check with our most current update at the Gerber baby contest rules pages.

Gerber Baby Contest Tips

Gerber baby contest tips

We know you want to win the Gerber Photo Search. We have put together the Baby Gerber Contest 101 with 10 useful tips for you because we want you, our readers to win.

Be Prepared. It’s pretty simple: If you don’t have a camera then you’re not going to able to take pictures. Having your camera within your reach is important and it is as equally important that your camera is charged, so you’re always ready to snap photos when that picture-perfect moment occurs; because it may just happen when you least expect it.

Close-ups. Stay focused on your child because that adorable face is the star of the photo. Babies are the cutest and it’s a shame if you don’t fill that picture up with that cute face. Remember to get close.

More Pictures More Opportunities. Magic moments don’t just pop-up all the time for the picture-perfect opportunity. Shoot as many photos as you can and you will have several pictures to choose from. From those selected you will have a few that are worthy of entering the Gerber baby contest.

You have no reason to not take plenty of pictures, especially with a digital camera or mobile phone camera. Especially since you can shoot pictures and delete at a later time.

Natural Is Better. Natural light is always better than your camera’s flash. Only use the flash when you have no other option. Find the brightest room in the house or even consider going outside for powerful natural lighting.

Make Plans. It doesn’t have to spontaneous all the time. There’s not wrong with making a plan for a photo shoot of your own. Select a location and make time for you to relax and enjoy taking pictures of your child without hurries or worries. Just have fun.

Get Down. Because kids are short, you need to get down to their level, eye-level when possible if you want a great shot focus on a natural look.

Baby’s Schedule. Only you know your baby’s schedule. Pay attention to when your child is the most alert, cheerful and energetic. Example; playtime, nap time, after nap, dinner time, etc.

Background Check. If you plan for a photo shoot, then before you start shooting away. Do your best to eliminate clutter, messes, noise and other distracting backgrounds. You want your star to be the focus not the distractions.

Get Acquainted. Operating your camera can be easy but it’s not always the case. It doesn’t matter if you have a DSLR high-end camera or a phone camera. What does matter is that if you want better photos then you should get familiar with how to control and use your camera’s features.

Keep It Simple. Don’t over complicate things. Don’t make your child do things that will make him or her uncomfortable. Remember, if that perfect-picture or magic-moment is not happening then don’t push it. Keep it fun and natural. Take a break. You can always take another photo or do another photo shoot at a later time. Make the experience enjoyable for you and your child by keeping it simple.

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Petrina Burman

I understand that Gerber is looking for natural pictures of children in their own natural environment, but there has to be a great deal more that they are looking for. Do you have any other suggestions, secrets or tips as to what that could be? That would really be useful as well as helpful. Thanks so much!

Taylor Faherty

Hello, I submitted my daughter’s photo for the Gerber “Be Our Baby” Contest, however more than 3 days have passed and “My Personal Page” still says that I have no pictures available. I am just wondering if anyone knows why that would be?


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Hello! Is there a way to see who are the leaders of each milestone? Pls advise – thank you and good luck to all entrants!


Wil will they pick the winner?


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